So I decided to start blogging: there’s so much to say and not enough time to make coherent statements. This is my space where I can make existential noise, noise that reminds that I’m alive.

And I know that my postings are too long for the genre, but I don’t believe in fragmenting concepts, and reading for 5 minutes never killed anyone anyway. (That last comment also suggests that I may be to old for the genre).

I also know that I run from one theme to another, and that I at times may seem like I’m unfocused, but this is a reflection of my life, a life that hasn’t gone through a branding process, and thus still contains impulses from all the different trades, professions and passions I’ve spent time and thought on over the past couple of decades. So my blog is dedicated to my ramblings about food, spirituality, ecology, culture and child-rearing, in whatever order they come.

I’m neither a professional theologist, biologist or nutritionist, ecologist or child psychologist; I work with languages as a translator during the day, and have worked  my way through several careers before this. However, these are the red threads of my life.

Food and child rearing have been battlegrounds for many cultural clashes in my bicultural marriage, it has made me feel excluded and connected alternatively to the countries where I have lived. Spirituality is part of what gets me out of my bed every morning. Languages are my daily bread.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

    • Likewise!

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